Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do

I saw this mentioned by Rush Limbaugh, and thought Rush's thoughts were excellent as well as the original article he cited. 

Not to brag, but it sounds pretty much like a laundry list of the advice I live by, and that I give to others. Very sensible stuff, so I won't be buying the book. This is exactly the kind of common sense whooping I give to people who ask for my advice.

It does make me wonder if there is really a healthy market for such books. I guess not everyone has a friend that they can talk to, or relative that can give them such a healthy dose of common sense.

Like I always say-"common sense", NOT SO COMMON. 

I think one of the main things is definitely not to live in the past. The most miserable people I know are always re-hashing their past wounds. It's unproductive and really boring and prevents living a really good and full life in the present and future. That's because nobody can change what they did in the past, or how they responded. Being angry or resentful about the past keeps people trapped in a vicious grievance theatre kabuki loop. It's so awful, and simply excruciating to listen to-sometimes you have to, because you're trapped.

I would also say that forgiveness is a very important part of living a good, "mentally strong" life. When you forgive, you don't forget the past pain entirely, you just don't let it dictate your present or future behaviour. Forgiveness is liberating. It does not mean that an event didn't hurt, and it did not mean that you should trust a person who hurt you. It means that you are the master of your own feelings, and you are not shackled to the past.

(There are exceptions of course. I am not talking about violence and murder. I am referring primarily to the emotional and psychological rendered by "friends", family and colleagues unto one another.) 

Tomorrow is a new day, and we still have the rest of today. The past has been put to bed and that's where it should stay.