Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Bravest Jew In Britain?

While the Official Jews sit out the storm, waiting for the calm that will never come to the UK, one Jew takes action. Apparently, it is beyond the Official Jews' "capacity" to organize a demonstration. ZZZZzzzzz *baloney*.

Meet a Cohen who has got SOME STONES.

This is good stuff. 

"His inspiration and his approach come from the Muslims that he has met."

“Islam is the fastest-growing religion in Britain and their outreach programs train young Muslims. I was inspired by their evangelism and ability to convert thousands of people to Islam in Britain using similar tactics. You can see their stalls on many street corners where with free material and well trained advocates they persuade large numbers of people to join Islam,” he says."

“I want to channel a similar energy and technique into advocating for Israel and exposing the British public at street level to the Israeli cause,” says Cohen, who sets up tables with information on Israel at the pro-Palestinian protests he attends."

He says it's a mitzvah to DO SOMETHING. 

Amen to that.

Something is always better than NOTHING.