Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I Hate to Say He Told You So, But He Told You So!

Quite a brave, candid and public admission from Tarek Fatah.

"Mark Steyn Was Right And I Was Wrong"

My header hearkens back of course to one of my favourite Steyn headlines/sentiments:

"I Hate to Say I Told You So. Actually, I Don't. I Love It." 

I mean seriously-does it get better than that??!?!

*waves to Mark Steyn*

But seriously, Mark Steyn and us hatey hater hater "Bully Blogger" conservatives being right about predicting the death of Europe is not something that I can truly be happy about. I'm quite sure Mark Steyn does not love being correct about this.

As for myself, I cannot say I am particularly sad about the death of Europe because on some level, Europe is reaping precisely what it has planted on its blood-soaked earth.

As Mark Steyn himself has pointed out, the continent of "Never Again" got it completely wrong. 

And it is the ultimate Jew-hating wet dream come true, the ultimate posthumous victory for Hitler that the continent of Europe has chosen to finish the Judenhas mission that Hitler himself was unable to complete. The voluntary submission of the continent to invasion by Jew-hating, gay-hating, women-hating ,Western loathing masses is simply the pièce de résistance of the work that the Nazis were unable to complete because the Western world had the will then, to fight evil to its destruction.

This is the obscene conclusion of "Never Again".

Ultimately, the earth of Europe still had many pockets of leftist, utopian, anti-Judeo Christian, Jew-hating embers, that have been allowed to burn strongly in this day and age.  The mission that Hitler was unable to accomplish-a Judenrein Europe, will be completed by the leftist, nihilist elites of Europe and their nihilist jihadist entourage.

And where the Jews go, so goes Western civilization. (Or as Mark Steyn has quipped-just plain old civilization.)

Brexit would buy a little bit of time, but it's a bandaid, and I'm not confident at all that Britain can recover from the demographic doomsday heading its way.

The flames are burning. We are witnessing Europe on its funeral pyre.

And mark my words: there is no spiritual, philosophical, moral or religious fire department big enough in all of continental Europe to put out the flames.