Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Great Douglas Murray: Islam & Gays, The Great Denial

"When it comes to real, as opposed to cake-based, homophobia, we aren’t looking at a Muslim-minority problem. We’re looking at a Muslim-majority problem."

And thus the real problem of this mental pretzel:

"How to even point out Islamic homophobia without being labeled an “Islamophobe”? After all, what is more “Islamophobic” than criticizing the foundational texts of Islam, the teachings of the religion’s founder, and the behavior of all Islamic societies in the world today?"

"It is akin to the problem with Islamic anti-Semitism. How does a Jew criticize Islamic anti-Semitism without being an “Islamophobe”?

"The simple answer is that it’s not possible."

"So the only options are to lie about what Islam teaches and what Muslims think (Gay Times) or pretend that universal bigotry will be defeated only when you have defeated any “bigotry” in your own heart. Which would suit the Islamist clock just fine."

Douglas Murray is so smart and so very brave.