Friday, June 10, 2016

Shavuot Message: Success Is Not An Accident, Success is a Choice

It's the Jewish holiday of Shavuot this weekend, starting at sundown this evening.

It's a 3-day marathon (Sabbath and 2 days of Shavuot) in the Diaspora, and a 2-day holiday (Sabbath and 1 day of Shavuot) in Israel.

Shavuot is all about receiving the Torah at Sinai, about accepting the Torah, about community, and also about accepting converts into our fold. We read the Book of Ruth, which I always find profoundly moving, stay up all night learning Torah and hear the Ten Commandments read.

This is an excellent article via Aish Hatorah, with the message that I posted as the header above.

We also eat dairy foods. Our cheesecake is ready for action and copious amounts of various types of wonderful cheese and ice cream have been duly purchased.

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