Monday, June 6, 2016

Eurabia's "Hidden" Polygamy

Behold, the future of Europe: 

(Coming soon to a North America near you...)

"Daham Al Hasan fled from Syria to Denmark, leaving behind his three wives and 20 children. Under the Danish rules of family unification, one of his wives and eight of his children have joined him in Denmark. But Al Hasan wants all his children with him, as well as all his wives. Lawyers estimate that the remaining wives will be able to join their children in Denmark.

"The case has caused a shock not only because of what it will cost the Danish state just in child allowance, but because Al Hassan claims that he is too ill to work or even learn Danish."

"I don't only have mental problems, but also physical problems..."

"He has admitted that his "mental illness" consists of missing the children he voluntarily left behind."