Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Where We're At

I have been thinking quite a bit about the latest jihadi atrocity in Orlando, and the other ones in Israel and France. I alternate between thinking about it quite a bit, and then thinking about it not at all, and falling back on my usual strategy of focusing on the micro when the macro picture becomes too overwhelming to contemplate, and when the general lack of moral fortitude in our world becomes too upsetting to consider for more than a fleeting moment.

By the grace of G-d, the Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH was filling in for Rush Limbaugh yesterday and it was very good to hear his voice of reason.

When I first heard of the Orlando attack, it made me think of something I have often said.

There has been, up until now, a torrid romance between the political left and radical Islam.

The political left, in its utterly predictable way, has always felt that it is in the driver's seat.

The political left has been so brutal and so savage throughout history, and so focused on power, that its unlimited capacity for hubris has prevented it from seeing that in Islam, it has met its match. 

In any contest for power between the political left and Islam, Islam will win. 

The left's strategy hitherto has been to put Islam at the top of the victim hierarchy (throwing blacks under the bus) and do its utmost to protect Islam from any criticism and from identifying the Muslim religion as being at all contraindicated with living in the West in a civilized manner.

Every terrorist attack, there are those who say 'will people finally wake up', and my answer is always "no". There will be no 'finally wake up' moment for masses of leftists. There will only be a few individuals who are smart enough and courageous enough to make the move from Planet Fantasy (left) to Planet Reality. That is what we are seeing with some gays now who are moving to support Donald Trump.

So, this will not be a seminal moment in history where we see a Grand Wake Up.

However, in my view, this is turning point in political history because it is where we see that the political left has made a blood covenant with Islam, and like a conversion (or "reversion") to Islam, there is no way out-the only way out is death. 

The aftermath of Orlando, while the corpses lay in the club pending identification, while the phones on the slain bodies were still ringing, while the blood of the victims was still coagulating, while hearts may have still been beating, the political left took that blood, and with that blood, inked their irrevocable Covenant of Death with Islam.

And again what the hell is "Islamism". We never had "Nazism", cowards.

Mark Steyn has put it this way:

"You can have pluralism or Islam, but not both."

As I see it:

You can have your "diverse" Mayor of London or look at hot women on billboards. 

You cannot have both. 

The gay community may, fed decades of fat lies by the left, bought into the idea that there was "safe space" for both. 

You. Can't. Have. Both. 

The political left has made its decision: the death sentence for gays and a long, barbaric life and marriage with death for the jihad.

We can review some of what we know: the Orlando terrorist was likely gay himself (let's not get started on the sexual issues within Islam because I don't have all day), was a registered Democrat, had been interviewed a number of times by American security services and was a religious Muslim.

As Steyn also noted on Rush, there seems to be some kind of grotesque, ritualized scene after terror attacks where all agencies commend one another publicly for their cooperation with one another. To that I would add that perhaps they should give each other awards for the agency that had the very most contact with the attacker, with separate categories for e-mail, interviews, Facebook messages, and phone surveillance. The "Known Wolf" Prize for Most Publicized Contact With A Terrorist After An Atrocity.

Anyway, the above known items are established facts, and not my opinions.

The known knowns.

(Love you, Rummy!)

We also know that Hillary Clinton has amassed a rather sizeable fortune at the Clinton Foundation and that donations from sharia-based societies are not a small part of those contributions. We also know that Trump made a very fine speech yesterday about the attacks. 

We know that even Bernie was better on this than Clinton. 

Again, when these things happen, people understandably say 'what can we do'.

You can certainly start by taking Mark Steyn's advice and not live by the lies of the left.

Don't buy into the Big Lie.

That is to say, tell the truth, and don't be afraid of telling the truth. 

You fight the Big Lie and the massive evil in front of us by reinforcing and living the small truth(s).

If you live and speak the truth, the small ones, the big ones will be defeated. If you cower away from telling the small truths, then you have thrown in the towel.

Here are some other things we know, other truths:

We know that France is finished and we know that Facebook has a jihadophilia problem. 

We know that Germany never had a child-bride (pedophilia) problem on this scale before it imported masses of Muslim immigrants. 

We know that Belgium never had a Ramadan terror issue until it imported masses of Muslim immigrants. 

We know it's too late to say 'sorry'. 

We know there is a very, sick, evil man in the White House who has no duty to America and the Free World. 

We know there is no will to prevent the evil from infecting or even re-infecting our countries. 

We know that Europe is going to die. 

We know that Britain has lost its past, and thus has lost it's future, as Lord Rabbi Sacks points out: 

“The contemporary historian of ancient Greece and ancient Rome saw their civilisations begin their decline and fall, both the Greeks and the Romans attributed it to falling birth rates because nobody wanted the responsibilities of bringing up children,” he said.

"They were too focussed on enjoying the present to make the sacrifices necessary to build the future …. all the historians of civilisation have told the same story.”

"Europe is going to die because of this because Europe can only maintain its population by unprecedented levels of immigration,” said Rabbi Sacks."

“Now those could be integrated into Europe but they won’t be integrated into Europe because when a culture loses its memory it loses its identity and when a culture loses its identity there’s nothing left for people to integrate into.”

We know that Europe is going to die. It's on life support now.

We know that Israel is thriving. We know that we, the Jews will survive and thrive.

We now that America has a choice to make.

We know you must live free.

And we know that the main thing is not to be be afraid.