Thursday, June 9, 2016

Nigel Farage: Defender of Women

The political left, as we see over and over, is quite happy for your sisters, children, wives and mothers to get raped in order to serve the Cult of Multiculturalism and to destroy the west. 


"Nigel Farage is the only politician willing to stand up for British women. He is the only one willing to point out the potential dangers in mass immigration of young men from cultures with very different views of women than our own."

"This is the irony of our time. When so many feminists are in hiding or in denial about the real and present danger such uncontrolled immigration might cause, Farage, the Little Englander, is left to raise the issue and gets vilified in the process."

A very intelligent caller to the Rush Limbaugh show yesterday (Deborah) called in and spoke with Mark Steyn, PBUH, who was guest hosting. She said that every problem in America today has its roots in illegal immigration. I quite agree. 

The same goes for Europe, really. And that is why one can state emphatically: 

"Mass uncontrolled immigration of unaccompanied young men from a foreign culture is dangerous for women and children."