Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"The Fall of the Godless European Union"

What he says:

"The integration of Europe was conceived in one-dimensional terms with the dictatorship of unelected bureaucrats and judges, cancellation of laws passed by representative parliaments, constitutional treaties signed without any input from the people, a coin system associated with a heavy debt that nobody knows how to point to who is to bear responsibility for it."

"This √©lite has turned its back on Christianity, apparently unaware of the extent to which the people of Europe still depend on its moral and spiritual guidance. And the heritage of the Enlightenment is also at risk, with the spread of laws on the Continent that prevent people from expressing their religious or national affiliation. Freedom of speech is no longer protected from charges of “islamophobia” or “xenophobia”."

"Then there are the cultural-ideological causes. It is the total failure of Brussels political élite to consider the culture of Europe, founded on Judeo-Christian revelation. Europe's laws, educational institutions and traditions are incomprehensible without reference to the lessons contained in the Bible."