Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Another Nail in the European Casket

As 'regular life' matters have been keeping me quite busy lately, posting has become a little less regular, I hope you will all forgive me.

But I must say that I have been terribly sad about the story that came out of Germany, about the young German girl, the teenaged daughter of an EU official who was raped and murdered, likely by an Afghani migrant who she may have had contact with as a volunteer for migrants through her church. 

I am so sad, and so angry that her parents made a conscious decision to sacrifice their daughter. And like other despicable individuals who cannot see fit to honour their loved one's murder by calling it murder and seeing reality for what it is, the parents have decided to continue in their evil, misguided ways and want memorial funds directed toward migrants!

From the article above:

"The family writes that with 'a heavy heart, but at the same time with firm hope we say farewell to our dearest beloved daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and cousin.'

"As well as a project of the Catholic Church in Bangladesh they point at a student initiative in Freiburg. The organisation, called 'weitblick' ('wide view'), writes on their website that they support refugees and asylum seekers with family sponsorships."

"They make regular excursions and activities with asylum seekers and also look after a small multilingual library on site. The organisation also gives courses to pupils to educate them about the issues of refugees and migration."

And what a fat lot of good their do-gooding did. Their own flesh and blood, their beautiful daughter is dead and was violated before meeting her death. 

So another young European girl is six feet under, but at least her parents can virtue-signal about what wonderful people they are, and how wonderful they are because they wish to continue to support their daughter's murderers, and that's the main thing, right?

This, to me, is one of the most heartbreaking things I have read and heard about in quite a while. It gives me nightmares. The moral depravity of the parents is in pretty stiff competition with the murderer.

There aren't that many "cultures" that willingly and enthusiastically sacrifice their children nowadays. Germany has joined the ranks of the Palestinians in a sense, joined the ranks of the jihadist suicide bombers. Yes, that's how I see it. Parents who do not treasure their children, nurture them and wish them long, healthy, unhampered years are despicable human beings. Just despicable.

It's hard actually to contain my anger at the sacrifice of this young woman, and the sacrifice of so many other women and children in Europe for this disgusting Stockholm Syndrome, suicide by dhimmitude, by subservient deference to barbarism.

The disgusting, preening virtue signalling of these parents really makes me want to vomit. They have pissed on their daughter's warm grave. Who does that? What kind of humans do that? It's so evil and so disturbing.

How many more children need to be raped to satisfy the death cult? 

How many more parents will tolerate the intolerable because they're evil governments have passed down death sentences upon them?

How many more women and children need to be sacrificed? How many?

It is impossible not to see this mesh of German and Islamic nihilism as some kind of perverse progression from the Nazi era. Is the ultimate "penance" of Germany for the Holocaust to commit suicide and enable infanticide to the point of national collapse and surrender?

Germany is an obscene country, with an obscene deference to the murderers of their very own babies. 

I spit on you,  Germany and I thank G-d every single day I was not born into either of these Cultures of Death and nihilism, in this time or any other. G-d rest the souls of all these victims.

I will never forget,  and never surrender.