Sunday, December 25, 2016

"The Announcement Came at the Start of Hanukkah"

I was pretty pissed over the weekend, thinking of Obama's disgusting parting pot shot to Israel, the Jewish people and particularly to Israeli PM Netanyahu. 

It certainly was an antisemitic temper tantrum. 

The Chanukah timing was particularly classy assholey. 

John Kerry is also a disgusting piece of human excrement:

But then I watched the Israeli PM's video and I felt MUCH BETTER. He put things into context and I think that indeed, Obama's curse upon the Jews may just in fact turn into our blessing.


I just love this. Love, love, love.

Most excellent Chanukah present. Thank you, sir.

The curses turing into blessings has happened repeatedly throughout Jewish history and I am convinced we are seeing this again.

And finally, the very best part of this holiday season: