Tuesday, December 27, 2016

So Busy, Soooo Important, Blah Blah Etc...Etc...

I'm sooooo terribly busy and important.

I'm a legend, in my own mind. 

Actually, it's been EXTREMELY TAXING pretending to be Martha Stewart at home, finding Boxing Day deals, on line and in person, making latkes, and doing various other regular household duties such as feeding my children EVERY SINGLE DAY (uppity brats!!!).

But in the mean time, and in between seething about that sinister, horrible, Jew-hating Obama and his evil henchman John Kerry, I have found a bunch of links for you.

By the way, have you noticed that most liberal Jews have been suddenly turned into deaf mutes recently? Perhaps they are taking up brand new careers as mimes? Giving up the day job as Suck Up In Chiefs to the Jew-Hater in Chief?

They seem to have very little to say right now. INTERESTING!!!

Most of the following links are revolting, some are inspiring. It's the usual mix, so take your pick.

Eurabians Happily and Willingly Abolish Their Christian Heritage  i.e commit suicide. 

Raising and Learning From A Special Child (very nice)

One for the DUH file: Obama admits he was a massive, pretentious arsehole in college (and since then, obviously).

Michael Oren discusses the Obama Jackal Administration with Hugh Hewitt (very good and comprehensive if you can stomach it), that's the transcript, audio here. 

So nice: Just Like Love, We Can Feel Friendship at First Sight

Yes, I have experienced that and it's quite a glorious thing.  They call it "friendship chemistry" in the article.