Monday, December 19, 2016

The Left Ruins Everything: An Ongoing Series

Lighten up, people.

Good grief. 

"Professor punished for 'sexual misconduct' for singing Beach Boys song to Chinese students."

I am not here to make the musical case for the Beach Boys, though I have been known to hum a few bars of their music now and again, mostly to the chagrin of my youngsters, but that's not the point.

The point is this:

Listen to this professor explain the process. 

As the Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH always explains: the process is the punishment. 

"As a former director of the journalism school, I know that if a student or a faculty member comes forward with a complaint, the university insists on due process to resolve the problem. In my case, I sent an email asking to know what exactly were the complaints against me. My message was turned into an open records request by UK’s legal office. A few days later I received a two-page letter denying my request."
"The dean who issued my punishment never talked to me. I learned about my fate in a letter dropped on me by two assistants just before I was to teach a class. My punishment in this case-without-victims bans me from receiving international travel funds and strips me of a prestigious award worth thousands of dollars."
"When I inquired about my due process rights, I was told by the provost that I didn’t have any."