Thursday, December 29, 2016

Obama's Betrayal of Israel

This is pretty schadenfruedelicious: 

"In one stroke of a pen Obama empowered the intellectual anti-Semites and elitists who hide their Jew hatred in anti-Zionism and legitimized European leftists who consider Hamas and Hezbollah modern day Bolsheviks rather than the baby-killing terrorists they are. He has placed a road block in the two-state solution, rather than encouraged its furtherance by giving Palestinians a starting point for negotiations no Israeli government — left or right — will ever agree to."

"I wanted my send-off column to President Obama to be full of praise for him, to recount the cool, grace and lack of scandal that exemplified his eight years in office. But mostly, I wanted to shove in the face of my right-wing Zionist friends how wrong they were about Obama and how racist their hatred of him made them sound, but, alas, I can’t because Obama made me and others who support him look foolish."