Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"These Are Merkel's Dead"

This is one of those rare times I find myself agreeing with a German politician.

I actually thought the phrase that he used was "These are your dead", which really reminded me of the line 'We are the dead',  in the poem In Flanders Field. That line really haunts me, and there certainly is a lot of broken faith between "leaders" of allegedly free, democratic countries and their citizens. It's epidemic submission and stupidity coupled with epic dhimmitude, a lethal combination.

These are Merkel's dead. 

That's quite a devastating turn of phrase.

But the dead will be forgotten mere moments after a few crocodile tears are spent, and after paying the necessary five seconds of respect to the murdered, the German elites will naturally get back to their main mission of suicide, and recognizing the real victims as the murderers themselves.

There will never be enough murders, because the elites will continue to insist that sacrificing yourself and your loved ones to the death cult is the new normal. 

These are Merkel's dead. 

And there will be many more before she's done.