Saturday, December 31, 2016

Steyn: License to Dye

Here's a great post from Mark Steyn which summarizes the evil mendacity of Western bureaucracies and also, a very menschlach piece about "settlements".

If you missed when he was guest-hosting Rush, Mark spent quite a bit of time discussing how right Israeli PM Netanyahu is to speak of President Obama with scorn. He also spent quite a bit of time discussing how obvious the problem is in the Middle East, and it ain't Jews building a house or renovating their bathrooms.

The problem, as Mark pointed out, is not the Jews living in the West Bank (or "Judea" as we have been calling it for thousands of years), it's that Jews cannot even walk a centimeter in Palestinian areas without being marked for death.

Palestinians murder Jews. It's a pretty simple reason why there isn't peace.

You know, Winston Churchill had a great line that he used in speaking with the Sinn Féin 'leadership'.

He said: Stop murdering, start arguing.

Well the Palestinians stop murdering, and start arguing, we can talk about peace.

Until then, all the Jew-haters who want us all to die, and please just let ourselves be murdered and shut up, can completely and utterly kiss my Zionist tuchus.

Do you all know that Palestinians also murder Palestinians for the high crime of selling land to Jews? Funny that President Obama and John Kerry never mention that.

You get that? If a Palestinian sells land to a Jew, that is a crime, in their wonderful culture, punishable by DEATH. Yes DEATH. So please, don't lecture me about civility of Israelis in Judea and Samaria.

Mark Steyn also spends some time responding to a letter sent by an Israeli who lives in Judea. The content of the letter touches on the fact that the word "settler" is a loaded term. I quite agree. Using any terminology invented by the left is a mistake which is why henceforth, anyone who believes that, as Mark Steyn said "to the victor, the spoils" should use the terms Judea and Samaria. Saying the "West Bank" gives a linguistic victory to the enemies of the Jews every single time, much like saying "East Jerusalem", instead of just plain old Jerusalem.

As a side note, that essay struck home in a particularly personal way as my late brother-in-law, who was murdered by Palestinian jihadist barbarians, also had built his home in the same town. May Hashem avenge his death.