Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Steyn: Market Forces

It must get so tiring and upsetting having prophetic vision, sharing it and then watching the world self-destruct around you.

As Mark Steyn and other "crazy", "conservative" writers and "populist" or "xenophobic" politicians have been warning for years, Europe is dying, or rather, being murdered. Just a few days ago, when a tween suicide-bomber wanna be was thwarted in his attempt to blow up his infidel hosts, Steyn wrote a very prescient post about Christmas markets in particular. And lo and behold, a mere few days later, rivers of blood and fresh Angela Merkal graves for more German families. 

As I have mentioned before, nothing ever ends with the Jews. Things only start with the Jews. Thus, all of the terrorist methods "perfected" in Israel over the past decades are now seeping in the the rest of the civilized world. And all by invitation, which is the most insidious, sinister element of it all. There is nothing these savages will not weaponize. Nothing on this glorious earth that they will not turn into a tool of mass murder, including their very own flesh and blood and the flesh and blood of their own children. Knives, cars, trucks, shoes, underware, baby bottles, prams, airplanes, nothing is exempt from being a possible tool of murder.

What we are witnessing, just like in Nazi times, is the sacralization of evil.

This is going to start happening in North America. It's only a matter of time.

Steyn notes:

"Western leaders keep assuring us that it is "a very, very small percentage" of the Muslim community who are "violent extremists". They never actually tell us what percentage it is - one per cent, point-one, point-oh-oh-oh-one - but they are agreed that it is a percentage. A percentage is a very simple concept: If it's 0.001 per cent of the Muslim community that are "violent extremists" and you have 100,000 Muslims, then, yes, it's "a very, very small percentage". If you then admit another 100,000 Muslims, then you've just doubled the number of "violent extremists". And, if you keep on doing that year in, year out, then, regardless of whether the percentage is stable, you are importing more and more people who want to kill your own citizens."

"Why? What's the benefit? And why do people like that Birmingham tourist think the answer to more and more Muslims is more and more bollards? I spent most of the last year in France and other parts of Western Europe and there are soldiers everywhere - outside churches, post offices, railway stations, shopping malls, Jewish schools initially and now non-Jewish schools, topless beaches and Christmas markets... And it's not enough, and it can never be enough."

That is correct. 

It cannot ever be enough, and there will never be enough blood sacrifice. There is no point that the murderers will leave us alone, having fulfilled their quota of murders. There is no number of humans, no number of graves, no number of bereaved mothers, brothers, sisters, and fathers that can ever be enough. It is a black hole. Or rather, a green hole. The only question that exists is whose loved one will be next? We don't know their names yet, and in fact, the victim's names are barely even mentioned as the breathless, revolting dhimmi media rushes to protect the "real" victims of the murders-the terrorists themselves. The rot is deep. And deadly. 

Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Obama went golfing. 

Other thoughts worth considering here: 

I don't think so. I think this is all quite calculated and that the murders of her own citizens are actually completely acceptable collateral damage in her mind (and in the minds not only of her fellow elites, but even among the parents of those murdered, a sick, dhimmi form of Stockholm Syndrome in Deutschland). 

"Merkel deeply saddened and shocked." And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. 

Daniel Greenfield echos Mark Steyn's concerns about the elites "answer" to terror, (bringing more immigrants from terrorist havens).  Greenfield lays it out very slowly so read the whole thing. 

It's very difficult to understand the voluntary suicide of Europe except in terms of the nihilism of the left, having a torrid love affair with the nihilism of radical Islam. 

In short: 

We don't know when the next attack will be. We don't know the location, the method or the numbers of dead and maimed and we can be sure that there will be more blood.

The only thing we don't know is whose name will be the next one inscribed on a tombstone, and which broken Earthly souls attached to the forever broken hearts of innocent humans will be throwing fresh scoops of bloodied earth onto the caskets of their innocent loved ones.