Thursday, December 1, 2016

I'm Pretty Much In Love With This Essay

I love every single word of this.

"Election 2016: The Day The Music Died For American Jews".


"Betting on the wrong horse is always a wrenching experience."

"Over the past eight years, liberal Jews supported and abetted a president and a Democratic Party that was overtly anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian. During this period, Islamic terror attacks have spread throughout America, and anti-Semitism has blossomed in America’s universities and campuses, poisoning the minds of America’s future political and business leaders. This is real anti-Semitism, not the made up anti-Semitism associated with the emerging Trump administration. In recent years, Jews have been attacked and vilified at levels never seen before in recent history. All this didn’t matter; the Democratic Party was a sure bet as far as they were concerned."

"Jewish liberals became drunk with Jewish power."

And now:

"They have been demoted to the rank of irrelevancy."

Indeed. And they so richly deserve this.