Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Random, Super Awesome And Depressing Links I Have Been Saving Up

As I am of course, very busy, etc..and so superly awesomely and terrifically important (IN MY OWN MIND), that I haven't had a chance to write a proper post about these amazing links that I have saved up, I'm just gonna throw them up here with a few thoughts, because they are sitting in my inbox waiting to see the light of day.



OK so here-in no particular order, and you must read every single link, because every single one is amazing.

"What's Bubbling Under the Surface": an examination of the vulgar left, razor sharp.

From the most amazing, most excellent David Warren (probably one of Canada's best and most under-rated writers), thoughts on the exhilaration of Hillary's loss and Trump's win. 

Super Smart Jew Daniel Greenfield (Sultan Knish) on the Ghosts of September. This is a VERY important essay, so well constructed and really rather haunting. 

A warning to the Western world: beware of Kafkatrapping. 

From the brilliant David Solway, When A Culture Unmans Itself, really a must read as well.

From Gatestone, a sobering look at the critics of Islam who are on trial in Europe, otherwise known as the Dutch Death Spiral. 

The Swedish Death Spiral is proceeding at an even faster rate. Most of Sweden is a "no go" zone for infidels nowadays. 

Root causes, root causes, whatever could they be?

Maybe we can get some advice from a seriously brave Palestinian.

When we talk about the death cult and the death spiral one of the most important lessons this uppity Jew can give you, dear reader, is this: when they say something, take them seriously and literally. 

I don't know about you, but I tend to believe these folks when they say, quite openly and honestly that they want to kill us and drink our blood while ululating and smoking a fine hookah. Unlike our feckless, revolting, servile Western "leaders", they speak the truth. The West can't handle the truth.

Khaled Abu Toameh (and seriously, this guy has stones of steel):

"The Palestinian Islamist movement, Hamas, which is currently celebrating the 29th anniversary of its founding, misses no opportunity to broadcast its stated reason for being: to wage jihad (holy war) in order to achieve its goal of destroying Israel. Those who allege that Hamas is moving toward pragmatism and moderation might take note."

And of course, Israel is just the Little Satan, Israel represents the West, and thus you can safely assume that the Big Satan is part and parcel of that goal of destruction. Yes, you can take that one to the bank.

Thus, to paraphrase Toameh: Those who allege that the death cult is moving toward pragmatism, and moderation ("diversity", "multiculturalism", "assimilation") should also take note. 

And please save me from My Idiot People while we are on the topic. 

The left is involved in a torrid, nihilistic love affair with radical Islam. 

And they will never rest. 


Now go to some infidelicious things: Sing some Christmas carols, hug your kids harder, send me Christmas cookies tell them you love them, do some good deeds, tell some jokes, speak your mind, don't be afraid, etc..etc..you know the drill...