Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I Just Love These Israeli Yemenite Musical Babes!

I think I have posted A-Wa videos in the past, but this popped up in my feed and I loved it so I'm sharing. Yemenite Jews have a very long and magnificent musical history.

Someone translated the lyrics and they are quite haunting as well.

Those seeing the beautiful one 
Send him my greetings 
Tell him that he is my soul 
Day and night and thereafter 
Love is a fire that burns 
It scorches the liver 
They brought me the best doctor 
But his antidotes had no effect 
Woe he who has loved 
And does not know what he loved 
There is love that brings joy and love 
That brings illness to the heart 
And a love that leaves you lost 
And the eyes tear 
You cry day and night 
And the eye does not subside 
There is a love 
That does not allow you to eat nor drink 
And a love that brings you to song 
To dance with your loved one