Monday, November 27, 2017

The UK Is Screwed: Transmania For Kids Edition

So apparently there is no end to this fetish in sight. 

Here is my analysis:

This fad/trend/hysteria is one of those lefty psychoses cum social policies that is going to continue to be a magnet for those who wish to damage, maim and destroy children. It is a disaster for children and abusive on the scale of the Chinese one-child policy and the American abortion genocide. Note that all of these policies have something in common: the political left. 

Basically, what we have now is a virtue signalling Olympics on our hands and everyone is going for the Gold Vagina and Gold Penis medal for Outstanding Virtue Signalling and Grandstanding.

Everyone wants to outdo each other on this abusive sick psychotic thing including the very people who are duty bound and ethically bound to protect children: schools, educators clergy, politicians, physicians and even their very own parents.

This is truly wicked and sinister stuff.