Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Melanie Phillips: "Worried About Jew-Baiters? Give It Straight Back to Them."

This is quite an excellent piece, but I should say I am not 'worried' about Jew-hatred. I think it will just exist in various forms until time immemorial.

I am angry about the lack of resolve that I see in our society, the lack of willingness to fight for our civilization, and to be proud about it and to fight the growing encroachment of totalitarianism in our lives here in the West.

Having said that, Phillips makes some excellent points in this essay so read the whole thing. 

Particularly (and where she says "Israel", I would also say that means "Jews", Israel as the World Jew):

"There are three kinds of Israel-bashers: left-wingers, Muslims and the far-right. All three are in unholy alliance – even though they may be the last people to admit it."

"The most dangerous are the Left, because they control the culture. They ascribe antisemitism almost entirely to the neo-Nazi far-right, whose influence and power are in fact negligible."

"The Left does this because it genuinely believes that only right-wingers are bigots. So it inflates the far-right threat to conceal the Jew-hatred in the Muslim world and on its own side, neither of which it thinks can do wrong because they stand for victimhood and virtue itself."

"This, in fact, points to the left-wingers’ Achilles heel."

"For what motivates them is not, as they claim, deep concern for the vulnerable. It is narcissism – a deep concern for their own reputation and self-image as nice people opposed to colonialism, oppression and fascism."