Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crack Investigators at the New York Times Find Out Who Is to Blame in Hedegaard Assasination Attempt


It's his own fault! 

Lars Hedegaard is responsible for the assassination attempt on him by a radical jihadist because he is mean!

It's his own damned fault for being an "anti-Islamic provocateur".

His opinions, you see are "a stew of anti-Muslim bile and conspiracy-laden forecasts of a coming civil war".

So he deserved it!

How do they know this? Because an Islamist front group says this:

"In what a study last year by a British group, Hope Not Hate, identified as a global movement of “Islamophobic” writers, bloggers and activists whose “anti-Muslim rhetoric poisons the political discourse, sometimes with deadly effect."

You get that?  By "deadly effect" they mean the non-deaths of Muslims at the hands of "Islamophobics". Not the actual deaths-like DEATH DEATHS of real people who dare to speak up against the jihad!

Orwell alert!

It's also his fault because:

"The response from native Danes has grown more equivocal over time, with some suggesting Mr. Hedegaard himself provoked violence with his strident views and the activities of his Danish Free Press Society, an organization that he set up in 2004 to defend free expression but that is best known for denouncing Islam."

(The last claim in that sentence is highly dubious, but facts are irrelevant of course.) 

See-he deserved it!

The multi-cultists speak. The pussified wimps of academia speak:

“I think that Hedegaard wanted this conflict,” Mikael Rothstein [ed: Jewish probably-moron], a religious history scholar at the University of Copenhagen, said during a discussion on Danish television, adding that “brutal words can be as strong as the brutal physical act of violence.” 

He sounds like Bernie Farber! Epic wimpdom.


Except they don't and they didn't!

Jihadists kill people, but that is IRRELEVANT!

A local Muslim doctor clarifies with the supreme moral relevancy comment:

"Mr. Hedegaard is an extremist, and there are definitely extremist Muslims.”

Case closed! They are the same! Exactly the same.

The New York Times sneers at this comment:

“There is no such thing as ‘moderate’ Islam, and there never has been,” Mr. Hedegaard said.

But it's not just Mr. Hedegaard who feels this way.

"Islam is Islam" says a noted expert on the subject.

Facts are irrelevant.

Moderate Islam? 

The truth be damned.

Shut your mouths.

Keep your heads low and mourn your free speech, my infidel friends.

Last free men out of Europe please shut the lights.