Thursday, February 21, 2013

Must Read: Lars Hedegaard: The Assasin at the Door

Read every single word. 

This paragraph jumped out at me:

"Despite intensive efforts—the Copenhagen police have set a special 20-man task force to deal with the case—no arrest has been made and consequently no motive can be established."

Can you imagine? No motive can be established!?!?!

Well, err...I'm not very bright, but maybe I can save the Copenhagen police force some money on its investigation. I have an idea of what the motive might be! Ummm...OK here goes.....


Hedegaard also makes this observation-something that us right-wingers are quite used to saying amongst ourselves. Usually people on the left ignore this truth until they are targeted. Then the coin drops, and they realize the ONLY people who will defend them and their right to speak, and breathe (i.e: remain alive) are those horrible right-wing haters that they had so vociferously demonized in the past. 

He notes:

"...nowadays the defenders of such positions are routinely labeled as right-wing or as belonging to the "extreme right." Meanwhile, what used to be the left is cozying up to holy men who want adulterous women to be stoned, homosexuals to be hanged, apostates from Islam to be killed, and 1,200-year-old laws emanating from somewhere in the Arabian desert to replace our free constitutions."


The only people who are talking about this latest jihadist assault on free speech are bloggers, SUN TV, Mark Steyn, Bruce Bawer and Andrew Bostom.

Kudos to the Wall Street Journal for putting this front and centre as the the p&ssified mainstream media continues to ignore it. They hope that if they just stick to the fuzzy, hug-a-jihadi narrative, the problem will just go away.

Well, it's not going away-and it will show up at your doorstep, too.