Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Higher Education Madness

Ivy League Professors:

Your moral, intellectual and performance art superiors.

"A Columbia physics professor shockingly stripped down to his underwear before a bizarre performance featuring footage from Sept. 11, Usama bin Laden and a mutilated stuffed animal."

"Professor Emlyn Hughes skipped his regularly scheduled lecture on quantum physics on Monday and instead greeted students to the tune of Lil Wayne’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” as he removed his clothes before changing into a black T-shirt and pants, the Columbia Spectator reports."

What could possibly be wrong with that???


 Behold: the gender neutral bathrooms. 

The University of Regina has opened 10 gender neutral washrooms.

Now I always thought that bathrooms were for taking a leak, or a dump. 

That wasn't very dainty. I'll try again. The powder room is for number 1s and 2s! It may also have change tables for tiny humans in diapers in order to change their number 1s and 2s!

The powder room can also be used by groups of girls to talk about everything about their respective dates and touch up make-up.  Duh-that's why girls go to the bathroom in groups

But apparently, they have to be "safe" spaces. You got that? 

Do normal people ever feel "unsafe" in a bathroom? 

I have felt grossed out by certain bathrooms, but emotional safety is not really what I am after in a bathroom. 

The only thing I worry about in terms of "safety" is my kids in a bathroom with perverts.      

Can someone translate this into English for me???

"Gender-neutral bathrooms are helping to open up discussions that were previously unknown, not thought about, especially when it comes to the troubles that binaries in gender create."

I think it means another educational opportunity for a lot of folks here at the university who hadn’t thought of some of the inherent problems perpetuated by a gender binary,” Keiser said. “When we talk of a gender-neutral washroom, we’re not just talking of a toilet, we’re talking about an entire series of inaccurate notions of what gender should be.”

Remember: We're not just talking of a toilet!

Are "binaries" like hemorrhoids or something?  Nasty stuff!