Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kudos to Barbara Kay for Taking on the Children's Aid Societies

Awesome job, Barbara Kay. 

I myself have blogged a lot about these power hungry disgusting agencies, with very limited success.

If you search my blog, you will find some articles about them, including a few posts that I did about the CAS's massive fundraising machine.

These agencies have way too much power, and way too many kids die under their watch. But nobody cares!

It's especially bad-epidemic incompetence and indifference in the Aboriginal care networks. Whenever a kid dies because of CAS idiocy-they shrug and the puffed up, overpaid masses scream INQUIRY INQUIRY.

More money is wasted and more kids die. Nothing changes. Well, it bloody well should change.

Most workers-as Barbara rightly points out-have no credentials as registered social workers (and even those people make me crazy-what do their credentials mean anyway if kids end up, you know...DEAD) but that means that there are never any professional, or personal liability consequences or sanctions if children end up murdered or abused while "in care".

I did a few spots on the Charles Adler show last year about the abuse of children in care, and immediately after-people sent me heartbreaking e-mails about what happened to them when they were taken from their parents by CAS workers from their parents.

One woman was taken from her loving father-only because he was a single father. She was put into foster homes and raped and abused in every single one.

The CAS network is beast that must be tamed or even better-destroyed.

Thank you Barbara for putting this story out there. I am sure you will be overwhelmed with stories from people whose lives were crushed, and whose children's lives were extinguished because of the despicable indifference and incompetence of so many involved with the CAS.

More of this excellent reporting and commentary, please.

From your pen to legislators ears.