Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Idiotic Women Fret About American "Sexism"

Since when is "pretty lady" such a vile put down that requires a dress down from a woman?


These journalist WOMYN FOLK need to calm down. 

I notice that they don't have anything there about the sexism experienced in Muslim countries.

Like rape for example. 

Or how about vomiting or peeing on your potential rapist to ward off an attack???

I think that's a lot more sexist than an offer to have shrapnel pulled out of your bum (helpful!!) but what do I know?

If you want to work around men, in male dominated professions you have to be able to take the heat and not be a cry baby.

Not every silly remark requires a response or an entire web presence.

Feminists have this stupid idea that men being polite and chivalrous is "infantilizing".

It's called MANNERS.

Lighten up, ladies.