Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In Doctor-Nation

Indoctrination, HA get it?

This is a most excellent piece from Jonah Goldberg at NRO about Dr. Jill Biden. 

"In my experience inside the Beltway, insisting on being called “Doctor” when not being addressed by students is a sign of vanity or some other insecurity (I’m of course talking about non-medical doctors). And people who insist on calling other people “Doctor” do so for similar reasons — out of an over-compensating need to show respect. That need itself exposes an obvious double standard."

Followed up with an even more delicious skewering of the over-credentialed masses by none other than Nobel Prize Winning, Top 41 Recording Star and International Human Rights Activist Mark Steyn:

Last week, Iowahawk commented on this on Twitter, saying that if you can't write a prescription, he won't be calling you "doctor".

I used to think that someone writing "Jane Smith", PhD was a reasonable compromise with puffed up ivory tower pomposity. But that was in the days when I felt that non-medical "doctor" titles implied some kind of actual learning. So many PhDs are completely and utterly dog squeeze, that it's impossible to take even the slightly more modest "Name Here, PhD" seriously. 

A PhD in say, engineering still means something. They make and build cool stuff. But a PhD in Gender Studies, Whatever Studies-fuhggetaboutit.

In Israel, it's a huuuuuge problem as well. People get puffed up PhDs in useless crap to get ahead in the civil service. That's really a "yekke" thing. The German Jews loooooooved that stuff. 

I refuse to show fake deference to these charlatans. Glad I'm not the only one.