Monday, February 25, 2013

When Social Workers Attack

The result is inevitably despicable and reprehensible.

The best thing to do with social workers and all the "helpy" professions is keep them as far the hell away from you and your loved ones as is humanly possible.

If they focus on you-make them go away. That's the ONLY way to deal with them.

This story out of the UK is pathetic: 

"He said he nursed her at their home on Anglesey for six years until she became too ill, when he agreed that she should move into a care home in Cambridgeshire 250 miles away because it was near her sister and their daughter Mishelle, 53."

"But during the last three years of caring for her at home he started a relationship with another woman which he describes as his own 'respite' to help him cope. He says this caused a family disagreement and a row with a social worker who was in charge of his wife's care."