Monday, February 18, 2013

Disgusting: Gender Neutral Public Toilets

There are damned good reasons why men and women have separate washrooms.

The only time you should share a washroom with someone of the opposite sex is when you have to-when you are married. And even then, if you can afford even separate sinks-you should have them.

Men and women have different styles-that is one thing.

But frankly-there is nothing 'equalizing' about forcing each other to use the bathroom together. It's disgusting. 

Absolutely disgusting.

Conservatives may never "win" the culture war-but if we don't win battles like this-we're completely sunk.

The people who push this stuff upon us are dangerous morons, who are power drunk with their own greatness. But underlying this is a perverted effort to blur every last line of human decency and modesty-and this is a great danger to society, but particularly to children.