Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gonzo History Geek O Rama Post!

Guess who???

The shadow falls along the shore
The search lights twinkle on the sea
The silence of a mighty fleet
Portends the tumult yet to be.
The tables of the evening meal
Are spread amid the great machines
And thus with pride the question runs
Among the sailors and marines
Breathes there the man who fears to die
For England, Home, & Wai-hai-wai.

Winston Churchill, that's who. 

Amazing-a visionary. 

The poem is signed by Churchill (above) and was written while he served in the 4th Hussars, in about 1898

Who are the sailors and marines-the fighters, who  live for country and for society? 

So rare, yet needed so desperately in this day and age.