Friday, February 8, 2013

Heartache: Daniel Hannan Jumps the Shark

It's totally over between me and Daniel Hannan.

To quote the eminent philosopher Taylor Swift:

"We are never, ever, ever EVER getting back together."

There are so many inane things about this article, it's hard to know where to start.

Democratic Islam? Is he on crack?

A primary believe in sharia is incompatible with a primary believe in democracy. That's why the modern Muslims who are 'best' assimilated and most moderate IN PUBLIC and not just in private, behind closed doors are either secular, apostates or just traditional-like the equivalent of "Bagels & Lox" Jews. Sure, they are Jewish born, but do they actually live like Jews?

And instead of all the hand-wringing (the futile hand-wringing) about assimilation, how about increased expectations and demands? You assimilate into Western culture or-see ya. Live elsewhere.

Instead, the gutless approach has led to no-go-zones in France, many anti-semitic terrorist attacks in all of Europe, a rape capital in Malmo-Sweden, and little Sharia Enclaves in Londonistan, England.

What is "democratic Islam" any way, pray tell?

The two are simply not compatible. They are oxymorons in fact.

Sharia demands submission. Islam means submission. Democracy is the antithesis of submission. It is participation-it is doling out small bits of power to government. Sharia is the complete control and convergence of "church" and "state".

Anyway-read the article and see what you think.

Very disappointing.