Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Higher Education Brats

Honestly-what is with the practically geriatric "students" that we hear about nowadays.

The seventh year human rights students, the 27 year old counseling students.

This one is a major brat.

When I was 27, I had a baby and had been married for four years. AND, I had a BA and was already a published writer.

If you want to be a "counselor"-why can't you just put up a shingle outside your house and offer "counselling" services?

Because then the government can't get its claws into you.

"Counselors" used to be friends and neighbours and relatives.

Now you need stupid credentials just to talk to people and try to slap some sense into them. You need credentials to talk to people who have nobody in their immediate circles to talk to-so they have to pay people to nod and say OOOOH THAT MUST MAKE YOU SAD or OOOOOH THAT MUST HAVE HURT YOUR FEELINGS.

I say-take their money without the counseling degree, sweetie.

I think I am in the wrong line of work.