Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jason Kenney is Canada's Chief Badass

Dear American conservatives: if you would like to learn how to win, instead of lose-try to actually live by conservative values. Walk the walk for goodnessssssake.

If you want to see why Canada is doing so well, you can look northwards to our Conservative majority government, led by Stephen Harper.

I really never thought I would see the day when Canada had a stronger fiscal position than America, when Canada would be a better friend of democracy than America, and even a better friend and ally of  Israel than America-in short-is Canada the new America?

The America I knew and admired is being slowly eroded by the Obama administration, and government dependency has never been higher. The left sees this as a success! That's what they want. What are you doing to change that?

But here in Canada, things are different. We have a Conservative majority government. Heck, we even have a right wing mayor in Toronto!

But, you should know that the architect of a major demographic turn in Canada away from the Liberal party, to the Conservative party was none other than Jason Kenney (righteous, gentile philosemitic Haper primo badass).

This was an extremely well written article about an extremely bright and admirable federal leader here in Canada.

I urge you to read the whole thing.

It could be that the American Republican party has outlived its usefulness. And by that I mean that they are PRETTY USELESS NOW.

And though Americans are loathe to discuss a 'third' party, I suspect that what they really need is a party that actually is unabashedly patriotic, conservative and unapologetic about being the antithesis of the leftist, statist, European socialist-type of party that the Democratic party has evolved into.

Who knows? Such a party might actually, you know....WIN????