Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kathy "Draidle"-Eeeevil Seeekrit JOOOOOOO


I think this is my favourite antisemitic comment on Taki ever. Like EVAH EVAH!


"St. Pancake? All right, Kathy Dreidel, I want to like you, really I do.  But all this crypto-Yahudery is starting to wear on me.  Why do you hate Palestinians?"

Read Kathy's new, great article at TAKI.

"Robert De Niro's Imaginary Neo-Nazi Gangs of Boston"

There is no really good equivalent to "boner killer" for women.

But there certainly needs to be a word or phrase for that.

I thought George Clooney was nice looking while he was on ER (I was young then), but then I realized that he was a moonbat lefty and I also now think he's very, extremely and totally ghey-not that there is anything wrong with that, etc..

But definitely, I had the OH MY GAWD NO, YOU DIDN'T JUST SAY THAT moment when Daniel Craig turned out to be an Obama fan.

That was heartbreaking. He had played the hot warrior Jew so convincingly. The hotness-totally EVAPORATED. 

Just. Nothing. Now. 

Oh well. Pity that.