Monday, February 11, 2013

Mark Steyn on Lars Hedegaard: Defender of Freedom


Read the whole thing.

You must. It has so many choice nuggets, it's hard to pick favourites.

Here's one:

"So, for those of you fighting these battles in Denmark, in Austria, in the Netherlands and elsewhere, victories are possible. But they're hard fought, and far too few people in the multicultural west have the stomach for them. Lars Hedegaard does."

And as most fighters have realized:

"As most of you know, Lars was charged, acquitted, re-charged, convicted, fined 5,000 kroner and forced to appeal to the Supreme Court – for the crime of expressing his opinion about Islam. He won, but he lost. He lost three years of his life. The point of these new heresy trials is that the verdict is ultimately irrelevant – the process is the punishment."

This is why the only solutions are political. The process is what is killing people spiritually, financially and eroding our democracy. There are too many gutless politicians unwilling to take on these issues. So it's left to writers and bloggers. The few politicians who do speak up are smeared and their names, families and reputations dragged through the mud-or they are "SWAT"ed.

This is also a good Steynian observation:

"There is literally nothing a prominent Muslim can say – about gays, about Jews, about women – that would render him persona non grata."

I would add to that, that there is literally nothing a vapid, Jew-hating, murderous Palestinian or other Muslim terrorist can do to a Jew (or other kufar, but mostly Jews) that will be condemned by the left. Killing babies, exploding nightclubs, dipping hands in the blood of lynched soliders, slitting the throats of Jewish journalists-NOTHING.

And a helpful reminder:

"A society that becomes more Muslim becomes less everything else – less Jewish, less gay, less feminist, less artistic, less scientific, less free. That's a simple statement of fact, but we shrink from it."

And lastly-(moderately arousing!!!)

"It's the Pansy Left (in Orwell's phrase) auditioning to be Islam's lead prison bitch (that's mine, not Orwell's)."

"In the same way that the left embarked on its long march through the institutions, so too has Islam. Its Gramscian subversion of transnational bodies, international finance, human rights institutions, the academy and the justice system is well advanced."

Read the whole thing.

Inspiring and a good reminder of why we fight.


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