Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Favourite Living Italian Interviews Lars Hedegaard

So far, the only people writing about the latest assassination attempt have been Mark Steyn and Bruce Bawer and now-Michael Coren of Sun TV has done a spot about it as well.

This is an excellent piece in Israeli National News by my favourite living Italian. My favourite dead Italian is still Fallaci-but you know-Giulio Meotti completely rocks. I love this guy.

Read his whole article. It contains a nifty summary of what's been going down in Eurabia lately.

More importantly, he explains-slowly and clearly, through this ballsy Italian, that appeasement doesn't work.

And, he explicitly links the current appeasement of radical Islam, to the appeasement in the past of the Nazis. They are two forms of totalitarianism that threaten our way of life. That hasn't changed. He also spells out that what we fought for, our freedom is based on having freedom of speech.  

"Westergaard comes from the Left. “I come from the relativistic liberal culture", he says, "but today’s relativists do not accept the current battle, they are victims of an intellectual paranoia. The left is committed only to drinking coffee”. 

"Democracy does not work without freedom of speech, explains Westergaard."

“We have the freedom of expression because we fought for it. We already tried the path of appeasement in the Thirties, when we ceased to do cartoons about Hitler, when a Danish cartoonist named Hans Bendix made caricatures of Nazism, prophesying the destruction of the world. Denmark asked to stop these cartoons."

"It was the beginning of appeasement towards barbarism. Denmark was occupied by the Nazis in World War II. And for me the example of Bendix is still valid today. Freedom of speech is declining across Europe”.