Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ricochet-Am I the Only One Who Finds This Site Pompous and Silly?

I saw this article "We Need to Talk" on my Facebook news feed this morning.

I have to say that I found it insulting and really low-level.

I gave Ricochet a chance as a "conservative" news/opinion site, but I'm not going to bother with it ever again unless they have Mark Steyn on it.

This piece-and I say this both as a special needs parent and as a professional writer-is really a piece of crap.

For this woman to make a column out of the genetic tragedy of a friend of a friend, is gratuitous and pretty revolting.

Hey, Ms. Levy-guess what?

It's not about you. 

Nothing about this story is about you. It's pretty nauseating to read how bad you feel. How sad you feel. It comes across not as sympathetic but incredibly narcissistic and patronizing.You haven't thinking about anything else? Well, doesn't that make you special?

"We Need to Talk"-is an insult as well. Who do you need to talk to about your feelings? Why should any of us, dealing with special needs issues, take any cue from you?

This tragedy is not about you-in any way all, and it's a pretty pathetic item to pin a whole column on. It must be nice to have these theoretical faux-deep columns to ponder other people's reproductive choices and prognosticate on other parents having pre-emptive abortions.

Do you even have permission to write about this situation. Did the parents say it was OK? Because presumably-they can identify themselves in the column. I wonder how they feel about being column fodder.

This column is an utter disgrace and pathetic.

I better stop now.