Monday, February 4, 2013

The Real War on Women

The real war on women is being fought on several main fronts.

One is, without a doubt, the gendercide against female babies in much of the world, particularly in Asia, South Asia and China. (This "preference" for boy babies has now been imported to the Western world with the immigrants themselves.)

But another front is the ALSO IMPORTED war on women: rape.

It is really, really hard to feel any pity for Sweden though.

They behaved reprehensibly in the Second World war with their sham "neutrality". Then, they imported vast numbers of Muslim immigrants who cannot and will not assimilate into the Swedish culture. Their last remaining Jews are being beaten, savagely attacked and the entire Swedish establishment, with the exception of their few evangelical Christian Zionists, are anti-Israel, anti-Zionist Judenhaas-embracing f&ckheads.

Now, Sweden has the illustrious designation as one of the rape capitals of the world. 

Mazel Tov!

In other words, from a sexual assault probability perspective, it's safer to be a smokin hot goat in Afghanistan, or Burkah Clad Infant Girl Baby in Saudi Arabia rather than a white, infidel woman in Sweden. And that's saying a lot.

By the way-what might these scenarios have in common....thinking.....thinking....

Nothing to worry about!

Carry on!