Thursday, February 7, 2013

The War on Free Speech in Canada

Kathy and Arnie still need your help. 

They have been fighting some truly nasty creatures for a very long time and still have lawyers' bills to pay. No details of their settlement can be made public-but I can only imagine how disgusting it all is.

So, I'm asking people who like my blog, and who like their blogs to please consider making a donation to help them with their legal bills.

If you have ever felt censored, and felt like you couldn't make a joke-why not toss them a few bucks? They are fighting for that "right". The "right" to offend people, the "right" to speak our minds.

If you are scared to express politically conservative opinions in your work place-why not send a few bucks-they are fighting for stuff like that also.

Some of us fight with a blog, some with columns, some with jokes and songs. Some people make the ultimate sacrifice and fight with their lives in order to preserve freedom and the Western way of life.

Even a whole bunch of small donations will help settle the bills. Nobody likes asking for help-but believe me-more people have a stake in this than can possibly be imagined.

While some of us try to encourage our elected officials to move a political solution forward-others have big bills to pay as we all attempt to keep free speech-our fundamental liberty-truly free.

If 1,000 blog readers gave $5 or $10 each, it would make a big impact and really help defray costs.

For the price of a cheesy Valentine's day card, or two Double Double coffees, you could really help.

Please consider it.