Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When You Call 911, You Call As a Victim

Here is a strange phenomenon in America.

Police are entrusted with the preservation of public order. They once were just called "police" or "law enforcement", but now most are police "services".

Kathy Shaidle says that most police "services" are high paid civil servants with guns.

Here's a snapshot-via Drudge-of some police "services" in some crime-ridden areas of America. 

In Chicago, police are no longer responding to calls about car thefts and burgleries. 

In Miami, police are caught-on camera-allegedly ignoring emergency calls.

In New York City, police are "helpless" against flash mobs. 

This is one of the reasons why Americans are vociferous second amendment defenders. It's about their constitutional right to defend themselves against tyranny, and also about having a fundamental understanding that many (most?) highly evolved and bloated police "forces" are having some issues enforcing the laws and stopping the bad guys.

They get paid very generous salaries for often very dangerous work. But there is a really vast layer of fat in these massive police bureaucracies and it needs a major trim. Public confidence is completely eroded. The taxpaying public deserves better. If the police cannot deliver, then Americans and Canadians alike need to demand a return to the completely justified position of taking reasonable self-defense precautions into their own hands.