Monday, October 21, 2013

5 Dating Rules for Single Moms (That Could Save Your Child's Life)

This is very sensible stuff. 

Of course the people who most need this advice will be the people who are least likely to heed the advice. However, it is EXCELLENT.

Do read the whole thing and pass it along to those who you think might be amenable to internalizing this very sensible stuff.

"You are a mother first, not a woman with “needs”."

"Your children have needs that come before yours and if you don’t want to see them on a cold slab one day you need to see to their needs first. There are good men out there who will be excellent fathers to fatherless children. But you must, as a single mother in your search for love be focused on finding love for your children. Not all men who love you will love your children and most of them, statistically, will hurt your children. So be very, very careful. Your children’s lives depend on you."

This is true even where physical safety is not an issue.

Mom first. Kids first and always.