Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The UK Is Totally, Royally and Utterly Screwed: Taxpayers to Foot £350,000 Legal Bill Over Muslim Parents Wanting To Shave Their Disabled Daughter's Pubic Hair


I think I just have to get up and WALK AWAY FROM MY KEYBOARD nice and slow before I bang my head against it repeatedly.

This is not a joke story.

The taxpayers of the United Kingdom will be paying £350,000 because Muslims parents-who put their daughter in the care of the local council-want to have her pubic hair shaved. 

The caregivers at the public home are not convinced that their daughter has the mental capacity to consent to such grooming.


Why even entertain this law suit?

This is outrageous.

I'm rarely speechless but this story has left me ALMOST WITHOUT SPEECH.

Britain is so, totally screwed.

A £350,000 pubic hair case, so that a disabled girl can have her vagina styled according to Islamic customs?

What. The. Hell.

Since when it is the role of the British magistrates to make rulings about Islamic genitalia grooming?

And perhaps even more egregiously-to launch their pubic hair jihad on behalf of an incapacitated child that they had no intention of ever having live with them again?

Where is that area of law listed in the Magna Carta?

Seriously. Where is "sharia arbitrator" or "sharia enforcer" listed in the Magna Carta?

I think I'm done for the day. 

I mean really done.

Like completely spent.

Someone has to knock some bloody sense into Britain.

But I fear it's too late.