Monday, October 21, 2013

Our Allies, The Afghanis

Afghan special forces commander "defects" (with guns and special operations equipment) to Taliban.

Is "defects" really the right word?

I don't think so.

Perhaps 'returns' is more apt?

"A record number of insider attacks - accounting for about one in every five coalition combat deaths - last year prompted the coalition to briefly suspend all joint activities and take steps to curb interaction between foreign and Afghan troops."

One in five? That is an extraordinary number. 

"That has cut down the number of incidents, but some soldiers say the measures have further eroded the trust painstakingly nurtured between the allies over more than 12 years of war."


It doesn't seem very smart to trust an Afghani 'ally' with one's life, does it? Statistically speaking, of course. 

"All entrants to the Afghan National Security Force have to pass an eight step vetting process, which includes providing identification cards, letters of recommendation by village or district elders and undergoing tests."

Letters or recommendation by village or district elders? What kind of tests?

That is how we have been determining which Afghani "ally" might blow the brains out of one of our soldiers or not? A piece of parchment paper, in Pashtun, from an elder who can really, really, really vouch for the non-Tablian nature of his fellow, religious countryman?

Doesn't that seem just a bit odd?

Alas, nevermind...just turn your heads away and COEXIST, etc...