Sunday, October 27, 2013

Obama's HealthCare Web Site: Epic Cronyism Coupled With Ineptitude. Surprise!

This week, Mark Steyn took a look at the epic failure of the ObamaCare web site.

"The witness who coughed up the intriguing tidbit about Obamacare’s exemption from privacy protections was one Cheryl Campbell of something called CGI. This rang a vague bell with me. CGI is not a creative free spirit from Jersey City with an impressive mastery of Twitter, but a Canadian corporate behemoth. Indeed, CGI is so Canadian their name is French: Conseillers en Gestion et Informatique. Their most famous government project was for the Canadian Firearms Registry. The registry was estimated to cost in total $119 million, which would be offset by $117 million in fees. That’s a net cost of $2 million. Instead, by 2004 the CBC (Canada’s PBS) was reporting costs of some $2 billion — or a thousand times more expensive."

Now, word has it that some of CGI big wigs are former (radical) classmates of Michelle Obama. 

A no-bid contract, to a company that has a record of over-charging, under-performing and over-failing with huge data base and government-service web sites, run by a college buddy of Michelle Obama?

What are the chances?!?!?

A word to my American friends, here's some FREE GRATUITOUS ADVICE.

Yes, talk about the web site failure, but the bigger problem is the idea in itself.

The web site is a symptom. The sickness is the idea that this would work in America the first place.

Focus on the socialized health care proposal itself.

You're welcome.