Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Steyn: Whose Islam?

The great Mark Steyn, PBUH, is always at the top of his game when writing about Islam.

It's one of those topics that he really masters, because he pulls together all of the important threads from all over the Dar Al Harb and weaves his brilliant, uppity, infidel tale in one concise essay.

This piece is no exception: 

"It was a busy weekend for Nothing to Do with Islam."

"Among the other events that were nothing to do with Islam were the murder of over 85 Pakistani Christians at All Saints' Church in Peshawar and the beheading of Ricardo Dionio in the Philippines by BIFF, the aggressively acronymic breakaway faction (the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters) from the more amusingly acronymic MILF (the Moro Islamic Liberation Front). Despite a body count higher than Kenya, the Pakistani slaughter received barely a mention in the Western media."

Yet in Britain:

"Mr. Cameron is not (yet) a practicing Muslim. A self-described "vaguely practicing" Anglican, he becomes rather less vague and unusually forceful and emphatic when the subject turns to Islam. At the Westgate mall in Nairobi, the terrorists separated non-Muslim hostages from Muslims and permitted the latter to leave if they could recite a Muslim prayer—a test I doubt Mr. Cameron could have passed, for all his claims to authority on what is and isn't Islamic. So the perpetrators seem to think it's something to do with Islam—and, indeed, something to do with Muslims in the United Kingdom, given that the terrorists included British subjects (as well as U.S. citizens)."


"To be charitable to Mr. Cameron, he is trying to point out that very few Muslims want to stare a five-year-old in the eye and pull the trigger. But, likewise, very few of them want to do anything serious—in their mosques and madrassahs—about the culture that incubates such men."

I have read that paragraph several times, and personally, I do not think it is clear at all that "very few" Muslims want to stare a five year old in the eye and pull the trigger.

I'm not convinced of that at all.