Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beautiful: How My Five Year Old Granddaughter Made Me Face Reality

What a beautiful essay. It is stunning in its simplicity and honesty and it is full of love.

The Globe & Mail has a very nice Life section. I like the design and I really enjoy the back page, first-person essays.

This is a wonderful one. 

"When the cookies had cooled we took them out to the back patio. Sitting on my garden swing, we enjoyed the warm, sweet treat we had made together. It would be a perfect memory. I leaned over and kissed her cheek. She kissed me back and smiled."

Are you going to die, grandma?”

Some day, but not for a very long time. I want to bake cookies with you again.

I’m glad. I like baking with you.”

"We sat and swung together a bit longer, quietly. "

"My heart was full of love and I knew Lola’s was too."

"Grandchildren ask important questions. Brave grandmas answer them. We learn from each other. We sustain each other."