Friday, October 18, 2013

Bomb Threat In Toronto-The Questions Nobody Wants to Ask-UPDATED!

So, a chap named Mohamoud Hirsi Jimale has just been arrested for making a bomb threat against the Prime Minister of Canada

"The charges gave his home address as 2100 Weston Rd., Toronto, the site of the Humberview Housing Co-op. A woman there, who did not want to be identified, said Mr. Jimale lived in a three-bedroom unit with his wife."

"Together they collect $3,000 a month in welfare for themselves and their seven children, she said. She said on Tuesday he had become angry when the co-op asked him to provide proof that his children still lived in Canada. "

Is it reasonable to ask what a person such as Mr. Jimale is contributing to Canada, other than bomb threats and expanding the welfare rolls?

Where did he come from?

And why?

What is his status here?

Why are Canadian taxpayers funding this?

What are we getting out of this arrangement?