Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Bully Blogger" Vomits at Irrelevant, Leftist Jew

Amazing that this guy is still pimping out First Nations as the "real" victims of genocide of the century, when his own father is a Holocaust survivor.
"Bully Blogger" means 'shut up, you're making me look bad as I gun for an Order of Canada or a position as Canada's new Human Rights Commissioner". 

Well, this "Bully Blogger" comes from suburban Toronto.

The same geographical area exactly that Mr. Lefty Angel comes from and I took personal delight in voting Conservative in my area.

Therefore, let's review: 

"Dark Place" Conservatives and Bully Bloggers: 1

Leftist Genocide-Pimping Jew: 0

So, gather round, my little pretties, and let me tell you what Tikkun Olam means.

"Tikkun Olam" literally translates from the Hebrew as 'repairing the world'.

That has a very biblical base to it.

It means that Jews, by living as Jews and showing the way via the Ten Commandments, and Ethical Monotheism, are a Light Unto the Nations and help heal the world by belief in the One Creator and in the Ten Commandments and by living by the 613 mitzvot.

But nowadays, nominal Jews-people who really shouldn't even call themselves Jews because their religious is LEFTISM, use "Tikkun Olam" to whore out any leftist cause that they are either getting paid to pimp or just makes them feel good.

It's masturbatory stuff. It's very sick and destructive. 

Just because an idiot, leftist Jew talks about his or her personal believe in leftist causes in a Yiddish accent and screams "Tikkun Olam" does not make it Jewish, or right.

This chap thinks he is an angel! (Delusional!)

He is on assignment from G-d up in heaven to accuse Canada of perpetrating a genocide! It is HOLY WORK you see.

Canada-the country that is one of the only safe places in the whole world for Jews to live (Canada, America, Australia and Israel-and that's it) is a genocidal country.

Shame. For shame.

In last week's Parasha (Torah portion) we read about Noah. 

I was going to keep the Chabad newsletter because it had some remarkable wisdom in it and I was going to copy it word for word. I will try to find my copy and post those words of wisdom in the next day or so.

Basically-it says that Jews have to encourage all the people of the world to live by the 7 Noahide laws. One doesn't have to be a Jew to be righteous. One has to observe the Noahide laws.

When Jew lives as a Jew, living and breathing the Ten Commandments and Jewish tradition-not wacky "Tikkun Olam" make-it-up-as-you-go-along crap, then that is when we become a Light Unto the Nations.

This is how Jews "influence" mankind for the better.

Not by sappy, schmaltzy victimization culthood.

When a Jew decides that they believe in liberalism, and socialism ("Tikkun Olam") more than Judaism, and more than they believe in the G-d of Israel, they become idolators, and by their actions, and by way of this new found idolatrous faith, they give up their membership in the Jewish people.

It's just a pity that more Jews aren't excommunicated publicly because the leftists who pretend to be Jewish are idolators. 

Most of the time I refrain from posting about morons because it's so exhausting.

But scaramouche and I believe that the leftist (born Jewish), formerly known as Bernie M. Farber a.k.a Indian name "Sides With Angels" (I still like Schlepps Oven Door From Poland), is a menace.

Neither of us wants him as our new Human Rights Overlord, provincially or federally, or in a position of any political power.

Therefore, you'll be hearing more from the Dark Side Bully Bloggers about this menace whenever the occasion rises.

And that's a promise.