Wednesday, October 2, 2013

David Solway on Local Rabbis Being A Big Disappointment in the Fight Against Jihad

When I started listening to the Rabbi's introduction, I was impressed. I thought-hey, he gets this free speech thing, and he is defending Pamela Gellar.

So, I fired off an e-mail to the Rabbi saying I was impressed.

UNFORTUNATELY, my fingers moved faster than my brain and my ears. I listened to the whole thing and found it really a silly, slovenly pean to his Muslim mentors in California. I also am on the record as saying that Rabbi Kaplan should have told the York Regional Police to shove the chaplaincy where the sun doesn't shine.

I may have said it a little nicer at the time-but not likely!

Anyway, I completely agree with David Solway and this is a great piece that scaramouche found. 

I wish Jewish "leaders" and Rabbis would actually, you know LISTEN to Jews who have an opinion about current events-an opinion that differs from the squishy mainstream "pareve" flavour of the majority.

I won't hold my breath though.

So yes, kudos to Rabbi N. Daniel Korobkin for showing up and defending Pamela Gellar.

But THAT'S IT. Hit the multi-cult snooze button, have those interfaith breakfasts, talk about your fabulous mentors and how hard it is to make the right choice when intimidated by the Diversity Stasi, etc...